QASA launched another DIY dish drainer QDR-247X with the lowest price!   (2020/8/04)
1. Registered patent & design
2. Easy clean
3. All plastic rust free
4. Easy & flexible assembly
The most affordable 18” rechargeable fan for DIY users—QSF-18YOGA rechargeable   (2019/7/08)
With a battery tray underneath the fan base, you can choose various 12V battery options – 12V4.5Ah x1 , 12V4.5Ah x2, 12V7Ah x1, 12V7Ah x2,..per your budget and needs.

An innovated Dish & Food Cabinet was launched   (2019/6/27)
It is a 3-Layer DIY design for easy and flexible assembly, and is detachable for easy clean and pack.
A mold-free housing net can block flies, rats, cockroaches,.. to keep your dishes and foods clean and safe.

Regional Distributors of QASA SOLAR WANTED!!    (2019/4/10)
1. Experienced in dealing with Inverters or solar panels.
2. With a service team for installation and trouble shooting.

Please call or WhatsApp: 08095463262

QASA Rechargeable Water Pump was launched   (2018/4/15)
One touch for pumping water from a bucket immediately !!

QASA’s new Solar Power Generator QPG-500 was launched at Lagos Trade Fair 2017. NTA News also made the report   [2017/11/01]
Here is the abstract of the interview with the MD of manufacturer: ….Hello Nigeria! My name is Tim Chan, from Qlink Taiwan. I am happy to introduce QASAs new product here at Lagos trade fair. This is QASA solar power generator. it integrates Inverter, stabilizer, UPS, Battery...all in one, you just Plug and Play, no need any installation or engineering works. it generates pure sine wave electricity to carry any electronics and home appliance less than 300W, such as lights, TV, setup box, audio, electric fan, blender, fridge 100L, computer, medical and life supporting equipments ... its portable and mobile, can moving around different rooms in your house, or warehouse, even in hospitals., supplying a clean and quilt energy for emergency use. It's rechargeable. when it's not in use, we can connect it to solar panel in day time to get free recharging, or connect it to NEPA for a quick recharging….. For sales & dealership,please call +234 8095463262
An innovated standing fan with a patent design-- 18" YOGA   [2016/01/25]
1.Aerodynamic ABS blades
2.High efficiency motor
3.Easy assembly base
4.Smart storage
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